Disturbing Facts Why Table Sugar is Bad For You

sugar on healthSome dieticians have called it modern diet’s “worst ingredient” because of its negative effects on body metabolism and its known ability to contribute to all sorts of diseases.

  • It contains no essential nutrients at all. None.

It has been said before but it’s worth repeating – sugar lacks all essential nutrients. And on top of that, it causes tooth decay. To put it bluntly, you do not need sugar in your diet, drop it.

  • Fructose Overload can Cause Liver Disease

Sugar enters the bloodstream as glucose and fructose. Glucose may give you that push in energy but fructose has no known physiological need in the body. Too much fructose is the body is turned into fat which may lodge in the liver causing fatty liver disease.

  • It can cause Cancer and Type II Diabetes

Cancer – the leading cause of death globally – continues to cause untold suffering to many. There has been growing evidence that continued sugar intake leaves you at more risk of cancer-related illnesses. This reason alone should be enough to make you reconsider it.

  • It’s Highly Addictive

Sugar can be addictive because it causes the release of a lot of dopamine in the brain, like is the case with many abusive drugs. People who are more susceptible to addiction can therefore become easily hooked on it.

  • It causes Obesity in Children and Adults

Sugar affects hormones and the brain. Studies show links between higher consumption of sugar and the risk of becoming overweight or obese, irrespective of your age group.